African Canadian Resource Network Condemns the Gruesome Killing of Hodan Hashi and Calls for Justice for the Victim and Family

For Immediate Release

November 11, 2022
Regina, Saskatchewan

African Canadian Resource Network Condemns the Gruesome Killing of Hodan Hashi and Calls for Justice for the Victim and Family

The African Canadian Resource Network (ACRN) has expressed dissatisfaction over the way the November 5th gruesome killing of a 23-year-old black woman, Hodan Hashi, in Saskatoon is being handled by the justice system.

“We are in touch with Hodan’s family. They are devastated by the killing of their daughter. The African Canadian community is devastated by this gruesome stabbing to death of a young black woman while the public watched and recorded videos with none of the spectators daring to separate the fight. This is completely wrong,” said Mr. Abdi Gure, Chair of ACRN.

“We learned that the victim and her killer knew each other and had issues previously. They got into a fight at the bar and a young black girl was seen being stabbed repeated and killed in cold blood. The videos speak for themselves. It is even more devastating that the killer is being set free by downgrading the charge from second degree murder to simple manslaughter. Letting the killer out on a $5,000 bail is like giving her a hand shake for this gruesome and heartless stabbing to death of a fellow human being. Letting the killer out on the ground that she is not a threat to the community is to minimize the terrible hurt which has been done to the family. It flies in the face of everything Saskatchewan preaches in terms of equity, equality and fair treatment of everyone irrespective of their racial or religious background,” Mr. Gure said.

“Our community has been touched by this killing and ACRN will be following the case very closely. We call on the police to release to the family whatever evidence they had to justify downgrading the charge to manslaughter. We call on the Saskatchewan Justice Minister and Attorney General, Hon. Bronwyn Eyre, the Saskatoon Mayor Charlie Clark, and the Saskatoon Police Chief Troy Cooper, to give this matter the attention it deserves and ensure that both the victim and the family receive justice. Hodan and her family deserve nothing less than a full and complete justice. That’s what the community is asking for too,” Mr. Gure said.

ACRN consoles Hodan’s family and joins them in grieving for the killing of their child, a young black women from whom life has just been snatched away in a senseless and malicious act.

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